The Feds Have Some Questions for Apple About Those iPhone Slowdowns

Far from being swept under the rug, Apple’s once-secret practice of slowing older phones with aging batteries is becoming the focus of an investigation by the US DoJ and SEC, according to Bloomberg.

Although neither the government nor Apple provides details on the investigation and the investigation, anonymous sources know that Apple is being investigated for violating securities laws. The company is particularly embarrassed at not disclosing correctly that a software update in early 2017 has limited the performance of many older phones, including iPhone 7 and older models.

It would not be the first government investigation of what happened either. Senator John Thune (R-SD), who is chair of the Trade, Science and Transportation Committee, raised similar concerns about Apple’s lack of transparency in its letter this month. This letter came just a day after a report that France was considering a criminal investigation against the company.

In late December 2017, after John Poole of Geekbench analyzed the performance of the processor in the range of iPhones, Apple issued a very public statement saying that batteries age and that the processor must be limited to prevent phones from stopping unexpectedly. The following week, Apple reduced the price of its iPhone $ 50 battery replacements and will soon launch iOS 11.3, which will allow people to monitor the health of their iPhone’s battery.

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