Oppo find X – Finding the unfound

Oppo is long known for the production of midrange devices with high performances but with rumors of low build quality. Most of the time, Oppo targeted an audience with a low level of income with a high level of satisfaction. In general, Oppo has been a famous brand all throughout South Asia. High-end devices were launched from the same company by the “Elite” name of One Plus.
But “BBK Electronics”, the mother company of Oppo and One Plus as well has decided to turn the tables with their all-new revolutionary device “Oppo Find X”. The device is indeed a fresh brand new experience to any of the gadget users of the universe and is indeed a Super Tech Gadget to the date. The company has assured the device to hold the title that no one has ever touched anything like that.

The device is indeed an astonishing experience for the users. Specifically, because it just looks like a strip of glass. No Cameras, No sensors and well, as mentioned, a solid piece of glass. But the surprise is yet to be unveiled. The device is compact with all the latest features including camera and sensors. But its just everything is inside the device which will eject from mechanical motors when needed. Yes, That’s it. The camera and the sensors just pop-up out of the top of the screen when needed.
The device at the moment is at its peak in Europe hitting every nook and corner of the tech gadgets. It is composed of Qualcomm SDM845 Snapdragon 845 chipset with 8GB of RAM powered by an Octa-Core CPU at 2.8 GHz. The primary dual camera is of 16MP + 20 MP and secondary is of 25MP. The device is integrated with face recognition and the whole setup is hidden inside the gorgeous device and will pop up just when u need it. And never than less, the popping up speed is pretty fast and in response time it was not lagging behind the iPhone X in terms of Face recognition.
With all the Pros about the unique design of the device and specs, the cons are yet to be revealed. Just get the impression that the mechanical motor’s functionality is questionable for a frequently used device such as a smartphone. Each and everytime a picture and each and everytime the device is unlocked, the motor will be functinal. Therefore the durability of the device is really questionable. Ofcourse the company says otherwise providing a full guarantee about the device for their customers.
If the device makes it through the cons presented against it, it will surely be the next leap forward in the designs of smartphones. And ofcourse Oppo will join the elite class of manufacturers as trend makers of mobile industry.
Even at the moment, great signs of eliteness is displayed by Oppo by getting “Lambogini” to partner “Oppo find X” and will launch a special edition with Lambogini logo in it. The device is priced at $ 1,155 clearly giving an indication about the target audience for the new device.

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