Slack Removes Apple Watch App in Latest Update, Adds New G Suite Integration Features

Slack, in an update to its iOS application on Thursday, has removed its standalone Apple Watch application. Slack, a platform for collaboration and communication of equipment for companies, is the latest company to complete the development of applications for Apple Watch and start focusing solely on Apple’s iOS platform. Meanwhile, in the latest G Suite integration, Google allows users to see their Slack activities from Google Drive.

In particular, Slack users will still be able to respond to incoming messages on their Apple Watch with detailed notifications. The update brings the application to version 3.36 and in its App Store Preview, Slack says: “Apple Watch users, now there is an iOS application for all your needs. We have removed the independent Watch application, but have the security of receiving and responding to the messages on your wrist works the same as before, it’s like two for the price of one, but with applications. ” Previously, users could see unread mentions and respond to direct messages in the Slack Apple Watch app. Users can also receive notifications, although the feature is still available.

When Apple launched WatchOS 3 in 2016, it allowed application developers to make independent applications for Apple Watch, many companies jumped on the bandwagon. However, many of them realized that people did not use anything other than a quick interaction with those applications. This led many companies to take their independent Apple Watch applications. For example, Twitter also eliminated the Apple Watch application in September of last year. Even Google Maps, Amazon, eBay, among others, abandoned their Apple Watch applications.

When it comes to G Suite integration, Google has added activity events that allow users to see, in Drive, when a file is shared or analyzed from Slack. Google says it makes it easy for users to track file changes in Drive and Slack. The G Suite integration was announced in 2016, where users could create and share Google Docs and Drive files directly within Slack.

In the last update, two types of actions are recorded as events, either when someone shares a file stored in Google Drive, or when someone comments on Slack in a Google Drive file shared on the portal. Google says: “In these events, you will see information about when the action occurred, who did it and where it happened, events in the activity logs are private for those who have access to both the document and the Slack channel or team where the document It was shared or discussed. ”

In addition, Google also launched more language support for Google Drive integration in Slack. Now you can use Slack in languages ​​such as French, Spanish, German or Japanese.

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